PSA for those who may not know...Tow balls are NOT recovery points!

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This is an interesting subject to me and I realize that each vehicle and tow is different.
On my F-350 I have a Class 5 hitch I believe and have been using the pin to hold my strap that is doubled over at the Loop so that it’s 2” wide and fits inside the receiver.
I just looked up the strength of a 5/8” pin and it is rated at 21,000 pounds. That’s more than twice what my truck loaded with the camper weighs so for me this is what I’ll continue to do....
The front of the truck has two tow loops that are bolted to the frame with several heavy duty bolts.
That’s static pull, pretty easy to exceed that dynamically. Just buy a 5/8 grade 8 bolt and you’ll be plenty safe.