power to rear for Dometic DC30 drawer frig - Bluetti EB55?

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Hello everyone - I am a new member and can't stress enough how helpful the OB community, app, YT videos have been! Thank you.

I am looking to run power from my single battery in front to the rear. I am working on a drawer system for the back of my GX460 that will house a Dometic DC30 drawer frig inspired by Michaels's build on YT. I would like to be able to plug the Dometic in to vehicle power while driving and then switch it to Bluetti EB55 700w power when camping. I have checked the Dometic specs and it only states it requires 12/24v DC voltage and 36w power.

Here is my main question - assuming I am running a 4g wire off battery to rear, what sort of terminal, jack, etc would be best to install in the rear to plug in to? The Dometic has direct wiring leads only (no cig lighter). I am wanting to find the most robust and reliable way to connect this to power and have a clean install in the back. Are there any surface mount Anderson jacks or other options?

Thanks in advance for any help!

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Not a direct answer, sorry, but remember to fuse your wire at the battery to avoid vehicle fires.
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