Portable Jump Pack?

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I have a quipall brand one I purchased from one of our suppliers at work. I has worked very well for the last 3 years. Just make sure it has sufficient amp output for your needs. Look at the continuous output more than the max output. I have found that if you leave it in the vehicle during the winter I need to charge it about once a month.
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I use a Noco GB70. I love this thing! It is overkill for my Jeep but it will also start my Cummins.
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I bought the Harbor Freight 3 in 1, just like Nef has in the photo a few replies back. I love it and it works great and I got it for under $40 with a coupon. I used it to jump start the lawn mower, jeep, etc and a while back I was running a 1/4 mile of fence and used this to power a 12vdc pump to supply water out of a 55 gal drum to mix concrete. I even take it to craft shows to run a 12vdc fan in the tent.
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