Pint Size Hero: Garmin inReach Mini

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Hello All, I travel with the bigger brother of the Mini, it is the GARMIN inReach Explore+. All I can say is it is great to have the ability to send and reveive messages when you are out of reach of cell towers. I was out in Red Rock Canyon, Ca when one of our crew needed to get in touch with his workers back in town at a job site. We did not have cell signals, so I offered to use my inReach. It took alittle while for the satalite signal to hook up ( we were in a steep canyon), so we waited for the satilite to pass over. Then the messages got through and I relayed his conversation and he decided that he had better return to the job to help out. But just for the peace of mind it is worth the money. Please stay safe and enjoy.


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I have the original InReach which functions similar to the mini in a larger package. The screen on the other InReaches dont do much for overlanding and are more geared for hikers. The mini is much better when paired with a tablet and/or phone. I have used mine the past few years and proved very helpful last year in the Maze district of Canyonlands 100 miles from the nearest city. I highly recommend them because safety is paramount.


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Hey brothers and sisters. For those of you who follow me and whom have been a great support team, I thank you. The Cancer is still trying to doom me, trying. Because you guys love me for being a old school grunt for using my lensatic compass and mud maps I must admit I have entered the Digital World. Because of this cancer thing I slowed down a bit and using a GPS up front in gaining importance. I tried two of the Mini InReach both had to be return because of battery issues. First had a battery 'Fault' and the other a 'Faulty Battery'....sounds like my exWife making a excuse of why she hated me-lol I ended up with a SE+ full size. I should have gotten the Explorer. Last note: Garmin has HORRIBLE customer service. Back on the road first week of September....hope to see ya'll out there. Thank you again for all the prayers and well wishes.....I served you for more than half my life and I am humbled by your respect.
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