SOLD Offroad Elements JK Limb Riser Kit

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Due to a mix up on my part, I have an extra stealth limb riser kit for a JK. I didn't realize the one I needed was the Gobi rack version with longer cables to reach the top of the rack.

As you can see from the link below, this retails for $125. It's not in the original packaging because I took it out to line everything up and that's when I realized I got the wrong one. Nothing has been installed and all hardware is still in the plastic bags. I'm putting it up for the OB group for $65 shipped to the continental US.

This is a high quality kit and yes, you can make your own, but these are professional and I was so impressed with the materials that I went ahead and ordered the correct kit from ORE for my JK anyway.

Send a PM if interested. Paypal only.
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Question for clarification. On the correct one you ordered does it have a special mounting bracket for the rack? I currently run the Barricade/ Smittybilt roof rack and wanted to attach to that as opposed to drilling holes in the jeep.