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Good morning everyone!

I just got my badge #OB4221 the other day, and I can't wait to put it on my Forester (only after the rain stops)!

This post is primarily to ask advice on vehicle modification. I just started a lease on my 2017 Subaru Forester Touring, which I plan on purchasing from Subaru after the lease is up. I am unsure of my ability modify my car since it is a lease... Does anyone else have experience with vehicle mods on a leased car?

Once this question is answered, I want to get started by doing a Subtle Solutions 1.5" Lift Kit (combo) + 2.0" RA Kit. Anyone have experience with Subtle Solutions or guidance on this product?

My next step is adding a couple single row LED light bars inside my front grille. I have measured it out and it looks like I can easily fit one 20" bar inside the upper grille, and two 10" bars on either side of the lower grille. I have done some initial research into LED lights and come up with Baja Designs, AUXBEAM Lighting, and RIGID Industries as possible makers.

Does anyone have suggestions for high quality, bomb-proof, single row LED light bars that won't destroy my wallet?
(I'm looking to spend something in the $500 range, but DEFINITELY less than $1000)

Thanks in advance!!