New Member from Long Island - Looking for trails

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Merrick, Nassau County, New York, United States
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Hey everyone! So glad I came across this community, this seems like a great place to learn and find out more with overlanding!

WIth that being said, I am looking for trails/campgrounds in the NY/NJ/PA area that I can visit. I recently added a Roof top tent to my Wrangler and I am looking to get out to explore trails and be able to camp out of the Jeep. I know Long Island is void of any locations, but I was hoping you all could shed some light on trails/parks you have visited in the past where you can set up camp.

I have been looking at Wharton Park in NJ and AOAA in PA, the issue I'm running into is availability for reservations. I was hoping I would be able to plan a week in advance and just head out and hit some trails, but it seems like alot of these places need reservations like 2 months in advance. I'm definitely feeling a little trapped on LI with this pandemic and everything else and was hoping that I now had an outlet to just escape for a night or two on a weekend if need be!

Any help/advice on this is appreciated and I would love to coordinate with members in the group. Looking forward to hearing some feedback.

Also, I am looking at the "Overland Bound" membership and wanted to ask how beneficial that would be to me as a new member and as someone with little overlanding experience.