Need help at 2019 Overland Expo West

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Hey all!

We killed the battery in our 2017 Chevy Colorado with both keys inside. Once the battery has a charge, we can unlocked the doors with the Chevy app.

We need help getting the hood latch to release so we can jump start the truck. We think a long, skinny flathead screwdriver (~ 8 - 9 inches) will allow us to get the cable to release. Maybe something with a hook could work too? We're using this article for theory: Help opening hood from outside - Chevy Colorado & GMC Canyon We tried with a few standard flatheads, but no luck.

Once we get the hood open, we will need a jump. Of course, our jumper cables are locked in the truck :)

One other idea we have, is maybe someone's trailer battery would have enough juice to charge up the truck battery and allow us to unlock the doors through the 7 pin plug.

We will be around the show today since we can't go anywhere (haha).

Thanks in advance!
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