N. GA Duncan Ridge Rd (4/10-12/19)

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Eric Neal

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Atlanta, GA
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Wife left town for a few days so I grabbed the dog, travel kit (bins) and headed out with no particular plan or route. With so many previous trips on the GA Traverse some divided into various segments as day-trips or as overnighters over the years is remains a very nice way to spend a day or several in a row. I really enjoy seeing the variation between tree and wildflower blooms in Atlanta vs up in the mountains especially during winter and early spring since the foliage is limited or non-existent during this season. The vistas are excellent now but in a few weeks all a traveller will be able to see is a narrow green corridor through the forest - not bad mind you but different.

Drove up past Vogel SP turning left onto 180 (paved and great motorcycle riding route) which heads over to Suches. After passing Sosebee Cove I took the next right onto Duncan Ridge Rd and just shortly noticed that a typically gated road was now open (FS 39B). This trip was almost entirely within the Cooper Creek Wildlife Management Area - so no traffic except the rare turkey hunter parked along the track. 39B was new and as pics show is not gravel but merely a dirt track - heading to a dead-end at a wildlife open/planting area. This would be a great multivehicle campsite if anyone is interested - no real views but a great secluded spot in the middle of the WMA.

I continued back onto Duncan Ridge Rd. heading in a counter clockwise route and taking every open track I came across noting that many, if not all, would be great campsites for future use (but not during hunting seasons). Drove West on D.R.Rd the took a left onto Mulky Gap Rd. (camped along Duncan Ridge for one night). Eventually turned left (South) onto Cavender Gap Rd. which travels through the Cooper's Creek Recreational Area (community fee campground). In the lower areas of the loop there were lots of trout fishermen camping, wading, casting etc. Headed along Cavender Gap Rd which is paved for a few miles along the southern border of the WMA until I could veer left onto Cooper Creek Rd. (back to gravel). Along the way I noted that Mart Helton Branch B Road was open so tried that for grins - another great dead-end road which follows alongside Helton Creek (more great remote camping opportunities). I eventually ended up intersecting with Wolf Pen Gap Road a stones throw from the entrance to Lake Winfield Scott Campground. Which is to say back onto GA 180 taking a right turn to Suches and then working my way back to ATL.

This trip was merely to explore tracks off of GA Traverse and to have a leisurely, open ended, unplanned few days alone. I got exactly what I needed and was looking for!! A few pics below