Moab thru Olympic NP

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We are currently in the planning stages for next springs adventure. We are looking at 5 to 6 weeks out, minimum. Our daughter, my son in law and our 2 grandsons are joining us on the White Rim Trail, then 2 nights in the Needles. They will head back to Va afterwords to get the boys back in school. At this time it will be April 16th or so... Then we will be headed over to the Grand Staircase, and take our leisurely time exploring southern Utah. From there over to the Mohave desert, Sequoia, we have family to visit in Chico, then Redwood, then on north to Olympia to visit family, then northward up into the Olympic Peninsula. This schedule means that we will be in the heart of California during the first week of May or so. Being an easterner I'm not familiar with the snow melt in the California mountains. Where will we be able to go, camp, hike, wheel, etc, that early in the season? As this gets closer I'll have more exact dates for the WRT and Needles, but the rest of this trip we'll be flying by the seat of our pants, which is OK i suppose, but the last trip we wasted almost 3 days traversing from Gila over to Tucson, ( becasue it was late March the back country campsites in the mountains were still closed) instead of heading directly back up to the Grand Staircase, via rt 300, and Monument Valley.. Any and All input from all you California Guys and Gals would be most appreciated.. Thanks !!


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Sounds like an amazing trip. As for access to areas on the western side (mid to northern Ca) of the Sierra should be good below 6,000ft. Some passes are closed depending on snow pack and elevation, you can search specific closure history of places you wish to go. I would recommend Yosemite valley, as early may is possible, hopefully still snow covered and it's amazing. Off road above 6'000ft is hit and miss as you go north. Access from the eastern side can be difficult, Tioga pass has been closed some years until early June.
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