May road trip - need help planning for Utah and Az | OVERLAND BOUND COMMUNITY

May road trip - need help planning for Utah and Az

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Hey all, I need your help planning a trip. Im planning on leaving Napa CA on the 4th of may after work or leave on the 5th and blast out of Ca. After this the route is a blur as Ive only taken 80 through Utah and nevada and never left the freeway . My Plan is to see Utah and AZ and make my towards the expo towards the end of the trip as I need to be back home by the 23rd of may.

Ive gotten some great info from a few folks on IG on some spots to visit. However Im looking for routes to take and where to stay along the way . Im going to have to pick up a map and mark the suggest points of interest down . Im hoping to see the state parks , small town and ghost towns - some cool restaurants to stop at along the way . Places to camp- dispersed and some regular camp grounds too. Going to have to stop at a room once or twice as well as my son will be 7 months old at the time of the trip and of course My wife Nova and thing we would benefit from staying in a bed vs the air mattress im bringing :D Btw ill be using a ground tent. I plan taking my jeep as its pretty set up for off roading though wonder if it may be over kill. My other option is The wife's 16 Toyota trail all stock or my superduty which is only lifted .

Anyway what as far routes can you all suggest? Also what question have I not asked. With a Baby Im not sure How far out in the middle of nowhere I can travel. Any help is much appreciated


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Give this video a watch. It’s the first in a series of 5. Will give you some nice places to visit that aren’t too far out of the way from the expo.
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