Maximus The Road Warrior Build and Adventure Thread

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My wife and I love to travel, specifically we love to get out and road trip around the country. We take all kinds of road trips, from weekend to multi week epics. We will typically take 4 or 5 small road trips a year and at least one big trip.

When we road trip, we don't typically camp although we've been talking about trying a weekend road trip where we do camp out of the 4Runner. We'll probably give it a shot sometime this year. We used to go camping quite a bit; however, a couple of years ago we purchased a heritage log cabin built in 1888 on 40 acres in the Arkansas Ozarks and now we spend many of our weekends out there, which is much like camping.

I just purchased a 2016 4Runner Limited to use as our road trip vehicle. My goal is to make it the ultimate road trip vehicle for us. I'm not talking about a traditional build, our "build" will be aimed at improvements that make the road tripping experience more comfortable and enjoyable for my wife and I. The most extreme off roading that this vehicle will ever do is driving down bad dirt roads and low water creek crossings.

With the goal of "building" a road warrior I have done the following to the vehicle so far:

Completed Upgrades
Weathertech Digifit floor mats
CanvasBack Cargo Area Liner
Blue Ridge Overland Gear Visor Organizer
RAM X-Grip LG Iphone holder with Suction Cup Mount
Salex Center Console Organizer
Hardwired Escort Radar Detector with Remote Mute
Rigid Toolboxes for Cargo Area Gear Storage

Upcoming in near future
Ceramic Window Tinting
Interior LED Light Replacement
GoPro Hero 4 Silver (for recording road trip footage)

Under consideration to do in the future
Windshield Wipers (researching)
Headlight replacement (researching)
Bluetooth OBD2 Adapter (researching)
CB Radio (Cobra 75, researching antenna options)
Cell Phone Booster (researching the Wilson Booster)
Dash Cam (99% sure I'm going with the BlackVue 650 Dual Channel)
Additional USB outlet on left side of dash in open switch spot (to power phone)
New wheels and tires (Longer term)

I look forward to sharing with you all and hearing your ideas and feedback.
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