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When you become a badge-holding Overland Bound Member, you get access to the Map of OB Members . This allows you to see what other Overland Bound members are in your area!

Colors indicate the member status:

1. Platinum - Founder 500
2. Gold - OB Member
3. Bright Yellow - Benefactor
4. Green - Moderator
5. Black - Forum user, not member

There are a few steps to gaining access:
  • You MUST be an OB Member (badge holder) and have your forum account upgraded to "Member" (you will have a gold banner in your forum profile card that says "Member".
  • If you are not a member with an emblem, Go here: OB Member, then contact us to upgrade your forum account.
  • You can now access the Member Map!
  • In your user drop down menu, edit "Personal Details".
  • Edit "Map Location" - This is your location on the member map.
  • Also edit "Host and "Helper" to indicate if you are available for members to stay, ior call you for assistance!
PLEASE NOTE: The Member Map updates once a day at Midnight Pacific time. When you add yourself or make any changes to your location, please wait until after that time to see your changes.
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Couple quick questions on the map....
1) What does the pin colours mean?
2) I noticed the pins seem to move locations each time I log in, why?