M416 Spare Tire Carrier

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I want the ability to carry 2 spare tires for my yukon when out in the middle of no where

one will be the soon rear tire carrier for the rear of my rig & this one

OK I didnt like the previous design I had tacked in place
so this morning I got (1) 20"X2'X1/8" square tubing and another by 1'
when I arrived at my parents my dad informed me that we had been robbed, my 7" grinder & 4" grinder plus a bunch of his tools were missing
so I had to go buy another...

& as such I cut off all the old pieces & began on this

the cheap flux core wasnt too bad, my biggest problem again was the welding helmet, I couldnt get it to stay in place
sorry for the chainlink fence in the background, but I thought it was going to downpour so I waited till i was done for pics
decided to leave about 2" of this piece on to tack to and hopefully hold the upright leg, you can see my bubblegum welds from this winter, where I couldnt see through the helmet

also had the same problem this time, so I tore off all the protective plastic that was lining the inside lens & WOW I could now see, except its moving...
wasnt a bad bead, but could be better

by trial & error I learned #4 on the speed dial was perfect

Looked like rain approaching so I finished it off quick like, still need to go over some welds once more & my dad brought out some black paint to cover it up to prevent rust (hopefully)

on this plate the tire will attach, I need to measure the lug hole center, drill & so forth at a later date
on the back of the upright & the horizontal piece I added some 2" flat stock to cover that open hole & to tie things together a bit

& it completed (almost) from a distance

I had my dad give it the pull & tug test, it shook the whole trailer, so I think it'll hold the tire safely, not pretty but functional


10483 said:
I want to see this when its done!
OK, getting there slowly, with my injury I can only do so much

got the holes centered on 5 1/2", went from 1/8" to 3/8" so far & need to go to about 5/8" to get the studs through & then weld those in place

got the studs off my old wheel bearing I replaced 2 years or so ago, good to save old parts

& that was my progress today after therapy


OH & I started to build another for the back of my rig with 2.5"X1/8" tubing

need to re-drill those upper bolt holes, my nephew thought I was ready for the holes, need to grind down the interior weld more, fill in those & drill new ones up higher

excuse the big fat welds, but I thought I would build up my welds some since I only have a flux core welder & wasnt sure about the stresses on these joints

along with fabbing up a bracket about 10" off the receiver adapter that will tie into the rear bumper to keep it from wiggling ever so slightly

I used a 8" rage hitch extension, so it allows me to still use the receiver & have the tire carrier too

the vertical height is about 34" & the horizontal 12" so it'll carry my 33 with room to spare