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I'm new to this so I'm hoping someone helps be kit out with what I actually need to handle the desert.
Bottom line WATER..first and foremost. Then comes at minimum a way to be extracted. That would be a recovery strap, and 2 bow shackles. The new 'soft shackles are nice. This allows the other guy to tug you out. A shovel (small/med) to help get yourself out if possible. There is strength in numbers, but this is geared towards you doing solo exploration. If it is not a multi-day trip, the fuel you have should be okay, but know what your rig gets for mileage off-road, calculate accordingly.

There is so much more, but this should be a start. Others will chime in with you, and yes...start reading all the threads within OB that you think could apply to you. They make great reading.


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Im up in Nellis for the weapons school going on, seen alot of sweet rigs down here. Seen a gray/silver 4runner with gobi rack, and ladder, lower bumper winch carrier and a OLBbadge on the rear near the roto wing squadron, Next time Ill stop and get a photo and member number to say hello, but Im a a plastic toy rental car, so you wont see the rig but Ill keep amd eye out for the OLB and say hello if Isee any around. But great rigs down here just not sure if I could handle the summer heat.