Is there any big overland type events going on in central Canada this summer.

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Looking for fun things to do in central Canada this summer . I travel alone with my dog and pull a small trailer. I am looking for some overland events this summer. Maybe meet up with others, Find new places to explore.
I am leaving tomorrow for my first trip since my stroke last November. I am healed up pretty good and headed to Minden Ontario for some camping and a trail run for Newbies Put on by OF4WD Ontario. Should be fun but the weather sucks.
Anyways let me know whats going on i am packed and ready to explore.IMG_0564.JPG
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OF4WD's Camp NL isn't overland but it is always a fun weekend, so check out that (especially since you're already a member).

Ontario Off-Road Rally for Charity, looks like they're heading up to James Bay this year, and it'll be for a good cause! Details are on their FB @ontariooffroadv42.

Congrats on the recovery, and enjoy the trails out there!