IronPercheron to PNW. Mt.Baker.

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Need someone to help me plan a little drive.

My dad and i are turnaround planners/coordinators. He is working at a refinery there near Blaine WA. I will be staying with an old Army buddy.

He is working 12 hour days and i will be out n about with his 212 superduty FX4 (just like mine at home) from 3/15/17 to 3/21/17.

I am coming to visit him (bringing the grand child... i dont really matter anymore haha)

I want to take my wife somewhere beautiful, not afraid to used 4x4 but not trying to go rock crawling in a tow pig.

Meeting up with a member would be fantastic, i hear the beer is good up there.

I have been to Bellingham/Blaine/Mt.Vernon several times. Even looked into staying... but finding work was a problem.

I am all ears OB... lets have it.