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Hey all, I read alot about axes, knives, coats but not so much on tools for your vehicle. I thought I would share some experience with some of the tools I use and see what you folks are using. I work for chrysler and use most of these tools I use on a daily basis.....except for's dead so to the Internet I go

In this pic is the 4 impact guns I use. Starting at the right is my Milwaukee m18 1/2 inch impact. You can tell how much I use itby how clean it is . It's regulated for mostly home use so it doesn't see much action. It is however a solid impact with plenty of torque. I've used it to get head bolts off before though it did struggle a bit.

Second in is my IR titanium 1/2 impact I've had this impact for 10 years now and is constantly used on just about everything. It's substantially lighter then the battery powered impact and smaller and has more then enough torque to get bolts off of must light duty vehicles

3rd is my 3/8 IR impact. I must say I'm a huge fan of this impact. With wobbly impact sockets it gets bolts that the larger guns just can't get to. Obviously not as much torque as the larger guns but can do alot of the work it's bug brother is taken with.

4th is my new favorite. Snap on 3/8 electric impact . Enough torque to remove the lug nuts from my jeep though it does tax the battery some, though battery life is great. I can go several days before swapping batteries. It's pricey being 300 bucks. But comes with charger 2 batteries and a nice snap in bag.

There's pros and cons to both for trail use. No air needed for battery powered tools so you may not need such an elaborate air system in your vehicle. However the air powered tools at least with the 1/2 inch impact are much lighter. And weight is always a concern.

Anyway curious to see what everyone uses. I'll be talking about my other favorite tool, the ratcheting wrench!


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My garage is a mess. So no pictures I guess.
Most of my tools are like they say, a bit of everything;
Tengtools, Proxxon, Facom, Kraftwerk, some unkown.
But I use them a lot.
I think, I have enough tools to start a little garage. As a shop I mean.
So, Iam very curious about all the tools you folks use.

Greetings from Robert