Ignition Key Modification

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Hi, all! I'm not certain where to put this question, so if it needs to be moved, let me know.

I have an '06 Jeep Grand Cherokee. In my previous Jeep (ZJ) the key location for the ignition was on the steering column. This WK has the key location on the dash, low. As a result of this combined with my just over 6'5" frame, the keys sit very close to my knees. When I first bought the Jeep my knee would bump the key, one time actually turning my car off in the middle of an intersection!

Well, I've gotten used to the problem for normal daily driving, but in my desire to get off-road, I can see the rough ride could cause me to hit the key and shut off the motor, possibly at an inopportune time.

Are there any third party, aftermarket ignition buttons for this anyone is aware of? Does anyone else have this issue, or is it just me?

As you can see in the image, my knee is right next to the key, even closer when car is on (note key is in off position, on it would be just past vertical).
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