How to use a Hi-Lift Jack

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Any info on Hi-Lift jacks, and their use are excellent to delve into, as most of us think of them as a 'Last Ditch Item'. Indeed, with the advent of newer and more modern gear, they have been delegated for many as backup, and not a equipment choice we first grab for. This thought is for most of us, but not, the hardcore individuals who are very familiar with their quirks, and have large sums of respect for there shortfalls. Having the right accessories on hand will help with safety also, and mitigate quasi safety workarounds.

Myself, i almost caught my jaw, when the handle slipped, even though I was being very conscious of what I was doing, and aware of it's dangers one time. In the article I see the newer Kits offered now have a plastic case. I have the older red bag which is barely adequate for the weight of those items shown. The gloves are very flimsy and you can do better at your local Walmart or Home Depot Nursery area.

You used to see the 60" size offered a lot, now it seems the 48" in it's various incarnations is the norm. I have 2 of them a (Red/Blk & a Blue) plus a generic. Going to have to trade up to a bigger 60", as my jacks are just too extended to get my non lifted, but leveled truck up. Using the bumper hook with it's chain, just puts too much length on the jack before it starts jacking. That extra 12" is just that necessary in the rear. With my ARB, and their Jack pockets being lower on the front, that is not the case. the back bumper however is (OEM-STOCK).