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Use this for searching the forums for anything, this example I searched for Tires, not in depth but will generally get you searching1s.JPG2s.JPG3s.JPG:
1s.JPG Top of the forums page is "Search Forums", Click on that......

2s.JPG 1.fill in Keywords (What are you looking for?), Tires or Bear Pass or?
2. Titles only? If not selected, will search entire posts for your keywords. 3. Put in an authors name if any, select a region or any and specific forums, in this example I selected title only, no author (I want it by anyone, but maybe I wanted the tires from "Michael", if so I would put in his name., Region I left as any, but maybe I only want tires from my region if I got to pick them up?, Specific forum I selected for sale, parts. I could have left as any or selected a more general forum area..
4. Click on "Search" button
3s.JPG Your results are listed and the threads are hyper links, just click on title to go to that thread.**Hint** Right click on thread title and select "open in new tab", this will open that thread in a new tab while leaving your results list in this tab for you to select and read another....
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