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Central Texas
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We're slackers and opt to stay at hotels while traveling (when not set to camp) and the family adventure van is our basic family truckster, so even with no gear, the van roof rack antennas and all is rolling.

In dfw and the hotel is self parking in a garage that has under 7ft clearance or valet (which is supposed to be parked in the garage as well).

So here we are, the crazy looking van parked out where the expensive sports cars usually go. I laugh about it, but to be fair the valet was really excited and asking a lot of questions about the van and overlanding.



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Fleming Island, Fl
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We spent the last day of our Appalachian trip in Charleston, SC. The hotel only had valet parking but they parked our Jeep in a vacant lot behind the hotel, we happened to see it when we went to dinner a couple hours after getting there. When asked they said they didn't have room for the three oversized vehicles they had. After several minutes of "discussion", our Jeep we in the garage. For the rest of the time we were there, every time I walked by the door to the garage I hit the panic button on my remote just to make sure it was still inside.