Hello from Northeast Oklahoma!

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Navina, Oklahoma
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Hello Biff, welcome from Central Oklahoma.

You are in the Southwest Region. Check out the Southwest Region sub-forum for local information and involvement opportunities.

Here is the link to the forum calendar and Meet-Up event page: Overland Bound Meetups
Or to check out what other members are planning go here: Overland Trip Planning

I am one of the SW Region Member Rep so if you have any questions let me know, @Iwata77 is also a rep and up in the Tulsa area.
If you are on Facebook feel free to join us there as well, Overland Bound – Southwest.


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Central Valley, California, USA
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Hi guys, first time ive ever joined somthing like this. My current rig in the works right now is a 1995 dodge ram 1500 4x4 single cab long bed 5.2 V8 with a 5 speed manual. I checked the box to be a responder and to help people. But right now my truck is out of action due to registration issues. Should be good in a few weeks. Greetings from stockton california. Im in the farm lands of the central valley. Hello to you all.