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grand cherokee what issues to look out for ?

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tomorrow I'm going to look at an 98 grand cherokee & was wondering what issues to look out for ?
he claims it has lockers blah blah blah
I know these unibody frames are susceptible to rot
rig is supposedly clean in & out
heres the beast on 33's & 8" of lift

any help is greatly appreciated & thanks


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Um, first thing I notice is its not a Grand Cherokee. That's the Cherokee. So if it's being sold as a Grand, I'd walk away right now. A 1998 GC looks like:

I googled this image, it is not mine, FYI.

As for other things, on the little Cherokee the gutters are great for roof rack systems. You can get very strong hold with that. Power-train wise, if it has the straight 6 4.0 liter, I have heard that is very good motor. But I have no experience other than just some anecdotal info.

If it was a Grand Cherokee, I'd have more info for you.
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