SOLD Gazelle T3 Hub Tent (3 Person) Flash Sale going on NOW!

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Good timing... I wanted the T4, but this will do!
I just bought T4 for $249 a few weeks ago. If you really want the T4, and have some time shop.... you can find some good deals on them as well. The Ebay seller that I bought my open box on from is selling brand new ones right now for just $270.49 w/ free shipping! Here's the link....

Gazelle Tents T4 8' Heavy Duty Pop Up Hub 4 Person Outdoor Camping Tent, Green



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How stable is this tent?

The idea that you can just tap the side to compress it worries me.
Watch the OB video on the setup and use of this tent. It’s pretty secure, but if you want, you can attach additional guy lines to the loops located in the center of each of the side walls and stake them to the ground or even tie off to a nearby tree branch for added peace of mind.
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We are looking at these right now. Seems to be a great simple to setup/take down tent. We were going to go with a truck mounted tent but the more I think about it the more I think a good ground tent will work best as then we can leave in the truck if want to make a store run or anything while out.
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They are awesome! I have the T4 and used it on a 10 day camping trip along the NorCal/Oregon coast and it worked perfectly. It rained every day except the last 2 days, and let me tell you, setting up a tent in less than a minute is a really great thing when its pouring.

My only complaints are very minor, it would be nice if the sides were more straight up and down, and the door was a little bit bigger, but those were really only issues because it was raining, I have used it 2 other times when it wasn't raining and I really didnt care about the door size and the straight sides because my bare back wasn't touching a cold wet tent.