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Went out on a nice weekend trip to Afton Canyon Cliffs with six trucks, we went in just past Yermo headed for the hills ended up on a trail then the trail disappeared, ended up taking a wash until we found a trail. Lots of many areas but we'll worth it! It appears this route has not been used in a long time. Did not run into anyone out there till the following day when we dropped into Afton Canyon! This has been my favorite trail so far on BLM land️!IMG_20190330_135704.jpegIMG_20190330_143829.jpegIMG_20190330_110715.jpegIMG_20190330_143833.jpegIMG_20190330_132526_20190404103638969.jpegIMG_20190330_140159.jpegIMG_20190330_104623.jpegIMG_20190330_140643.jpegIMG_20190330_150232.jpeg