First time in Canada

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Garrett Wash

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San Diego
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Hey Fellas,
I'm making a cross country trip from San Diego, CA to Saratoga Springs, NY. And hitting many of the major offroad sites and national parks across the country. I plan on heading into Canada after Mount Rushmore and I was curious if there were any tricks or tips on finding free or cheap primitive camping in the Winnepeg/Saskatchewan area. I've heard of Crown Land, but I don't know how accessible that is to Non-Canadian Citizens. Any help would be greatly appreciated!



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Whitehorse, YT, Canada
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and Laurie
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Hi Garrett! Below are some good links to use to plan. I like the free campsites because it saves money. I also gave you the link for our version of BLM or Crown Land. This website will also cover the Non-Resident rules. This is an awesome resource....just what ever you pack in pack it out and police yourself, and just let us know if you find anything cool to check out.
For what it is worth:
Check out the Badlands in Alberta and Saskatchewan. Bannf and Jasper parks are tourist magnets....I think the locals from BC on here can better advise you especially right now with the wild fires of where to go and where not to go.

In a couple weeks on our way back from BC we are stopping in the Badlands near Drumheller then in The Sand Hills Provincial Park in Sask. I've never been to either so I am excited about that. Lots of awesome sights in Manitoba around lake Manitoba and lake Winnipeg along with camping either in parks or crown land.
In Ontario make sure you check out Sudbury area, Espanola, North Bay, Manatoulin Island and take the ferry over to Tobermory, if your a diver you can rent gear in Tobermory and either shore dive or get a dive charter in Fathom 5 Dive Park. Make sure you check out Killarney Provincial park....and the World Famous Herberts Fish and Chips in the town of Killarney you will talk about it for a life time. All along the shore of Lake superior, Georgian Bay, French River, Algonguin Park, Bon Echo Prov Park you can either camp in the parks or on Crown Land for the most part.
If your up this way in Ontario, let me know, if we are around we can link up.