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I had ExoShield installed today. This is the newer version of the product, and still in development and testing phase. Same concept as the smart phone screen protector, just for JL windscreen. According to the manufacturer it is 6x stronger than the OEM windscreen. It is to protect the windscreen from chips, that leads to cracks.
Curing process takes 2-3 days and Jeep needs to be parked in the sun during the day. I have aftermarket windscreen and that created few installation challenges, learning for the installers as well. It will be interesting to how it holds up long term. Time to head out to the trails and do some real world testing

Looks good and I cannot even notice it is installed.

This is not a new concept, there are plenty of other options already in the market. I got is because it was offered to me and I am on my 2nd windscreen :) and was looking into Gorilla Glass already, good timing I guess.

PS: I am not affiliated with ExoShield. However they did reach out to my Jeep club and asked if anyone would be interested in participating in product testing. My hand went up very quickly. They provided the film and free installation. However, I am free to express my opinions about it.



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