Europe Regions – Where Are We Now?

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Europe Regions – Where Are We Now?

We worked for months to come up with an accurate re-alignment of the regions within Europe based on feedback from Overland Bound members. After numerous conversations and discussions both on the OB forum and private Facebook groups, we streamlined the regions to make the layout more cohesive and simpler to understand.

Understanding and separating regions within Europe is not straightforward with many countries, cultures and languages to be taken into consideration. We also considered information obtained by visiting external forums. From this ongoing dialogue we created the new region map outlined below.

Mid Europe - Following discussions and feedback it was agreed France should be added to Mid Europe.

East Europe - Poland has been added from Mid Europe based on its geography.

Mediterranean - Formally South Europe. This makes it simpler to visualise as each country borders the Mediterranean or a country directly attached to it and will allow for other countries bordering the Mediterranean to be added as their membership increases such as Morocco.

Scandinavia - Formally North Europe. This makes the region simpler to visualise, and retains similar cultural connection.

West Europe - No further changes for England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland.

Other Considerations:

● Reducing the number of regions from 7 to 5. This reduction in the number of regions will help to consolidate members and avoid confusion. Every effort was made to make countries within regions be connected by a land border for closer community ties although in some instances this was not possible. (Example: Portugal which was included in Mediterranean Region.)

As membership grows in the different regions, HQ will evaluate the need for additional Director positions. In the meantime, Member Representatives will be put in place to help the local membership. Facebook pages will also be brought on line as local regional needs dictate.