Element Fire Extinguisher looks awesome!

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I'm really interested in these things. Seem to be the perfect thing to have in your rig. 80% smaller, up to 5 times the discharge time of a regular extinguisher, no chemicals that can be corrosive to engine parts. Also claims to fight all major fire classes. A, B, C, and K. I think I maybe sold! Gonna get one...maybe two.



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This product has peaked my interest. Their you tube channel has a low quality infomercial vibe. But it does seem like a good product. Hoping to see more "end user" test videos pop up.


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Yeah. I don’t want to be a Debbie downer... but:

I’m a fire, scary or deadly, striking an end will not be easy. Anyone try flares?

Second, look how close he had to get to that fuel fire.... with a traditional extinguisher, there is a distance it shoots. If anyone has ever had to deal with a car fire, you can’t get that close.
I’ve had to pull a person out of a car once and it was hot as F. That thing wouldn’t do squat but make you have to burn yourself to get the chem near the flame.
Only thing I can think it may be good for is an under dash fire, because it is small and you can squeeze it/point it under the dash easy to kill all the oxygen.


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I have been a dealer for a while and we are thinking of doing a demo to show it a bit better. The interesting thing about these extinguishers is that through its own chemical reaction the Element extinguisher fights a fire by releasing a gas. This gas attaches itself to the oxygen surrounding the fire robbing its ability to stick to the chain of combustion. Basically, making the oxygen unusable to the fire. The gas is also heavier than the oxygen and can surround the fire along with sort of "damping" it down, if that makes sense. I have heard of people starting back at 20 feet or so, getting the powder jet going and then walking towards the fire sweeping it away as they get closer very effectively putting out the fire. It behaves similar to conventional extinguishers, just much safer and effective, in my opinion. I have also heard of it being thrown into the interior of a car then closing the doors and it puts out the fire...I thought that was interesting too. The Stryker is the version used in Australia.