Eastern Sierra's to the Beach

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Hey Everyone!

I thought I’d shoot an open invite to all responsible, respectful people to a trip my wife and I are about to go on. I think it’d be pretty cool if we could get a good group going.

MY camping plans are:
10/19 – Alabama Hills
10/20 – Yosemite
10/21 – Yosemite
10/22 – Yosemite
10/23 – Yosemite
10/24 – Pismo Beach (possible hotel to spoil the wife, but my brother and his wife will be camping at the beach)
10/25 – Pismo Beach

I do realize joining us for Yosemite may be difficult, as reservations are made 5 months in advance. But there are some first-come sites just outside of Yosemite, from what I’ve heard.

More complete itinerary:
10/19 – Leave San Diego County and head for Alabama Hills. Day will be spent roaming around AL hills, finding a good campground, and setting up camp. Maybe head into town a time or two to gather last minute supplies that I’m almost positive I’ll forget back at home.
10/20 – Leave Alabama Hills, head to Reward Mine. I’ve never been there, and I really, REALLY want to drive in a mine. Then we’ll head up to Lee Vining, and grab a bite at the Whoa Nellie Deli. I’ve heard the food is awesome, and it’ll be a nice way to break up the drive. After lunch, head over Tioga pass and descend into Yosemite Valley. I’ve never driven into Yosemite this way, and can’t wait. Check into the campsite, and spend the evening setting up a basecamp for the next few days.
10/21 – The wife and I are going to hike up the Mist Trail up to Vernal Falls. I proposed to her on the bridge at the base of Vernal Falls back in Dec. 2010, so we really want to go back, and also make it to the top of at least Vernal Falls, possibly all the way up to Nevada Falls. After the hike, we are going to head back to camp and relax the rest of the day.
10/22 – This will be a full day of nothing planned. Basically just want to stay at camp, relax, eat some good food, and take in the beauty of Yosemite Valley. May drive back up to Tenaya Lake, depending on how much of it we see on the drive in on 10/20.
10/23 – This day will be spent exploring around Yosemite. Nothing exactly set in stone, but there are a few places I remember going to from back when I was in high school that I’d like to see again, such as Mirror Lake.
10/24 – Pack up Yosemite, and hit the road to Pismo. Might stop at Mariposa Coffee on the way, because my man Gerry is a King when it comes to good coffee. May make some pit stops in Fresno for supplies if needed. Then make our way to Pismo. We will most likely stay in a hotel this night. I have some saved up Expedia points, and I’d like to spoil the wife with a nice room. Once. But my brother and his wife (who will be with us the whole trip) will be camping on the beach this night as well.
10/25 – Wife and I make the short drive to the beach, and we spend the day relaxing on the beach, playing around in the dunes, and enjoying the good life. Camp on the beach.
10/26 – Wake up to a beautiful sunrise staring at the ocean, pack up, and then hit the road, heading back to San Diego.

Total Route distance (from my house): 973 miles.

If you are interested in joining up with us, even for a single night, just let me know and we can coordinate better.

A couple things to note:
If you decide to join us, don’t be an asshat. Clean up your trash, stay on trail, and be respectful of others.
If you are found to be intentionally littering, you will be publicly shamed. I may even shove the trash in your gas tank… just kidding… you hope.
If you are rude, you will be asked to leave.
NO ILLEGAL SUBSTANCES. Unless you have some ‘shine. Bring that.
I will be recording most of this journey. No, I’m not Instafamous. No, I’m not a Youtuber. But I do want to catalog this trip, and it will be on YouTube. I’ve legit never posted anything to YouTube ever. It just looks fun, so I want to try.

So yeah, just let me know if you want to join up. And if anyone has any suggestions, feel free to shoot them my way.

All makes and models welcome, but the two confirmed vehicles so far are:
Me: 2014 Subaru CrosstrekDSC_5227-2.jpg

Chris: 2003 Subaru Forester


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Awesome itinerary, wish I could make it. That said, if you have't jumped on the Pismo reservations already get them NOW. That's the weekend before Halloween and often is very busy (and kind of hectic) there. I grew up going to Pismo, and personally I pretty much avoid it on weekends but ESPECIALLY "holiday" weekends. If it's not too late to reconsider I'd try to be at Pismo on weeknights rather than weekends.