Eastern Canada

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I'll be in Toronto next month for a work trip. Well, Bolton technically. If anyone is in that area and wants to meet up, let me know!

Should be flying in on Jan 8th, and be there for about 10 days.

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Can you please share more pictures of your setup. Are the tubes on the side, pvc? What solar setup are you running?
Great looking rig.

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The tubes up top are old army missile transportation tubes (metal) that i keep my fishing rods and tent in, for my solar panels they are 25watts each and are connected straight to the battery so i can run my lights all night and inverter. It can also be disconnected from the battery and hooked up to my trailer. In the box i have a 190 liter fuel tank plus my jerry cans, i have a water tank mounted above for showers or cleaning the truck off. All the boxes are for storage, one holds recovery gear, the big one is my tools and the rest hold miscellaneous items like propane tanks, chainsaw and most important toilet paper. I have a 9500lbs winch on the front and a 8500lbs on the back, underneath where a spare tire goes i have an air tank with hoses running out at the back window on both sides for easy air ups. I'm also on instagram at https://www.instagram.com/east_coast_expedition/IMG_0081 (2).jpg
20160724_114935.jpg IMG_0139 (2).jpg IMG_0098 (2).jpg 20161015_150206.jpg 20160627_205733.jpg


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Is that a SSO Hybrid bumper? Where did u get it? I was looking for one for our Taco

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Hey guys,

Sorry, I missed the first question.

Yes, it is a SSO (Southern Style Off-road) bumper that I ordered direct from the manufacturer. They were great to deal with, and I'm really happy with the product.

Had it shipped to the UPS Store in Ogdensburg, and picked it up there.