Dodge bedrack

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I wanted to still be able to open the front half of my Diamondback bed cover so built it myself out Superstruts sold at Lowe's and Home Depot! The design of the Superstruts allows you to bolt it all together with 1/2" stainless hardware and customize it the way you want without having to weld. I'll paint it black once I'm done messing around with the configuration of it.

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Anyone else building thier own bedracks?
I like it. I'm thinking about doing something similar with my Silverado. Couple questions if you don't mind:
1. What length bed do you have? I have a 5'9" and I'm deliberating between 2, 3 or 4 uprights?
2. What size square tubing is that?
3. Why did you do the triangular piece on the bed rail? Visual? It looks good.
4. Any idea on the weight?

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Great questions!!!
1. 6'4" bed. I would go with 3 uprights to keep weight down.... see #4
2. its 2" square tubing and .075" thickness or 14 guage....I would definitely go with 1.5" if I did it over.
3. the triangle piece was a huge fiasco as when I bought the Softtopper soft top, it was 3" lower in the front than the back in order (I presume) to not cove the 3rd brake light. See picture included.softtp.jpgsofttp2.jpgdodge rack3.jpg This made the truck look as like a blue whale with a broken back. I wanted it straight across the top. If you don't have a Softtopper don't waste time doing this.
4. HEAVY because of the triangle piece. 200lbs or so. two men can lift in an awkward position but with struggling.
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