DIY Budget friendly disc cooker and stand

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Too wobbly and unstable. Maybe with some kind of insert for the tubing. This stand also provides a solution for mounting the burner without modifying the disc. I can still use the disc the way it was originally intended. I’m going to try it sitting on one half of my two burner stove to see how that work.
Mine doesn’t feel very wobbly. It’s currently sitting on 22” 1/2 EMT. I used cable and springs to make a holder for a Walmart single burner and when assembled it’s pretty stable. Cools a great steak too.


I agree that without the springs on mine it’s definitely wobbly, but once everything is assembled the springs hold good tension on the legs.

It’s a bit short but I don’t know if I want to make longer legs or not. I may make a shorter set so the whole thing can sit on my table and see how that works out.

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