Deepsleep Air Mattress for 2-Door JK & JL

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Peter Radsliff

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I asked the maker of DeepSleep Jeep mattresses to make a 2-door version and they just launched it on Kickstarter! I can't wait to get mine. Please let your two-door JK & JL buddies know. Here is the link to their Kickstarter for this product: deepsleep4jeeps 2 Door Jeep Mattress They are a real company who has been making JKU mattresses for a while now. They decided to launch the 2-door version on Kickstarter to test whether they would have enough interest. For only $100 I think this is a great option to keep in the Jeep in case you get stuck somewhere without your full camping kit, or if you either prefer sleeping inside, or arrive at your campsite in the rain.