Dallas to Phoenix and back, sites to see, not overlanding

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Every year we fly from Dallas to Phoenix at Thanksgiving to visit my wife's family. This year we decided to drive it since we didn't want to fork up $1,600 to fly. We will have my two 7 year old girls with us and thought it could be fun to take a real road trip and see the sites.

Now this is not an official overland trip, will be taking the minivan, but I thought this might be a good place to ask about routes and interesting stops.

We thought about taking the northern route one way, through Amarillo, Albuquerque and down through the national forest north of Phoenix. The other way we thought about switching to the Southern route through El Paso, Tucson maybe stopping at Carlsbad.

We would be breaking both legs up and staying the night in a hotel somewhere so any recommendations are appreciated.

I have taken this trip several times as a kid because we have family in Phoenix. Most of it is quite boring so I'm hoping to get some good ideas to break it up.



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Just west of Amarillo is the Cadillac Ranch, it is on the south side of the road but there is an exit 3/4 of a mile down the road.