Current conditions of Hwy 4 or 168 around Dinky Creek

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Garlic Overlander

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Hello friends, does anyone have recent experience with the current smoke conditions on either of these areas? Looking for a weekend trip and don't want to go up and choke all weekend and have all the views be bad. Thank you in advance.

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Mike McCurdy

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I know the OP is a week old, but we were up in the hwy 4 corridor over the weekend (8/11-8/12) so I thought i'd give a quick report...

Both mornings that we were there, smoke was surprisingly thick in the morning, from some time before sunrise to about 10-11am. Visibility was similar to a thick-ish morning fog (I'm terrible at estimating this, but I'd say maybe 1/4 mile visibility or so?) and the smell was pretty overwhelming. Interestingly, I guess the winds shift at some point (the official air quality reports seem to call this an inversion EDIT: apparently I can't post links but google "smoke outlook donnell fire" and look for the InciWeb PDF results) and things clear out almost entirely at some point between late morning and mid-afternoon. It was totally clear by noon on both Saturday and Sunday for us, and stayed that way until after midnight -- we were even able to get in some quality Perseid viewing last night.

Hope that helps!
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