Can I get a little help with a CVT awning please?

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I've got a trade set up for this awning in exchange for a ground tent I won and will never use. The owner (face covered for his anonymity) says one of the legs "malfunctions" but not all the time. I was just going to replace the leg if I can source it. First off, can anybody tell me if this is a CVT Pioneer or CVT Hybrid series by looking at the photo? If you own a CVT awning, can you look at these parts and let me know if they look compatible?
Twist lock fitting- Replacement Awning Pole Twist Lock
2.5m Pole- Replacement Awning 2.5M Horizontal External Pole
2M Pole- Replacement Awning 2M Horizontal External Pole
I'm just trying to line up options, just in case I can't source what I need from CVT. Any other suggestions for compatible replacement parts? Thank you!
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The only thing that's going to matter is the attachment point to the awning. I'd bet they're the same as my 23zero awning. Take some pics of the pole ends and where they attach to the awning.
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