bluetooth CB radio

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Hi guys.
I'm looking to get a new radio and wanted to find out if anyone here uses one of the Bluetooth CB's?
What do you like about it or not like? Ease of use and how often do you use it off the trails?



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Advocate II the Cobra 29LTD. There are others as well that have a screen which can show caller IDs , txts, etc.
I've seen a few reviews about them which tend to be positive, however, everyone says the same thing-- why pay the money when majority of people don't really use cbs anymore. I have heard folks say the opposite-- that cbs are alive and kicking. So I thought I'd post the question here about any use.


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From a pure "practicality" perspective. I would probably say investing in FRS is probably a better investment. There are a lot of people out there that have a CB installed, so it likely wouldn't be useless.

I still used mine when it was installed in my WK. I just haven't gotten around to re-installing it in to the XK.
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