Blood Clotter

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Doing a little research on creating my own Kaolin impregnated gauze and stuffing and thought I'd come stimulate this interesting topic on here. I've been investigating using half parts clay and cayenne pepper (for it's clotting and antiviral/bacterial properties) Anyone use their own mix, or have their own procedure?

Quickclot and clox has become much cheaper lately, but I'm looking for an easily renewable and self sufficient way of making this stuff for ifak's and med bags. And I enjoy doing things like this and resisting the main stream, so it works for me.

Also, what other pieces of kit do you swear by on your traveling first aid pack? Do you include minor sickness stuff as well, trauma based, orthopedics, medications?
The only "specialty" items I carry that aren't already in your every day first aid kit would be a few tourniquets, the highest dosage of Motrin I can find available, a few large H bandages, and some fishing line/needle in case for some reason I need to stitch something up on the spot.


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Being an insulin dependent diabetic, I carry a bunch of sugar packets with me in my insulin kit. For me that works just fine. Just grab some the next coffee shop of fast food restaurant you visit.

I have been at this so long that I can tell you my glucose level at any given time within 10 points. If I develop low blood sugar, it will actually wake me up in the middle of the night with a panic/apprehension feeling.


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The caddo indians used prickly pear cactus pads to treat gun, spear and arrow wounds. They would strip the needles off cut a pad in half and apply to the wound, and they would boil willow bark and branches to make asprin. Just get some qickclot and some touniquets maybe a chest seal too
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