BLM Land on GPS?

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I'm going on a trip across the US starting in 3 weeks. We are starting in NC the hauling butt to Kansas City, stopping somewhere close for the night. Then heading on to Mount Rushmore, then Yellowstone, Denver, Santa Fe, Austin, TX.

I would like to stop and camp on BLM land as much as possible. Just never been out West and would like to find online maps through Google / Gaia? I will be running both maps.

I see BLM maps on BLM website, but nothing that can be transferred to Google / Gaia.


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I might be late to this conversation, but we do a lot of hunting, and use OnX Hunt Maps which provide all public and private land boundaries. They also have a OnX 4x4 map app, we just picked up, so I haven't used it too much yet. Have them both installed on Cell phone, and a 8" Tablet we have mounted in the vehicles.