best Fridge/freezers out there

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zach white

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Greenville, SC
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Hey guys,

Looking at fridge/freezer setup for my truck. I love arb and have bought many of their products and love them all. That being said I’m open to other brands they and hearing yalls thoughts, pros/cons, etc. Thanks in advance guys!

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Raul B

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simi valley
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I have the ARB 50l and it has been great the last 4 years... that being said... If I didn't have one right now I would go with a dometic with the dual zones....

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Georgia USA
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Dometic cfx50w here, Its been great to me so far. I have been running off of the oem battery without issues. It does the job for us, also can control it via wifi on any device (dont have to have internet service, just wifi capable).
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East TN
Check out SnoMaster. I have a Classic 56D (59 quart) dual zone fridge/freezer.

SnoMaster USA | AC/DC Fridge Freezers | Overland Fridges

Compare to Dometic . . . but make sure to compare with all the accessories taken into account. For example, the SnoMaster comes standard with the transit bag and wireless remote. It is built like a tank. Stays in my Jeep 24/7.
Where do you have it mounted? Drivers side? Is your backseat installed?