Awning for pop-up truck camper.

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So @MrsBunyan and I have been searching for an awning. We really like the batwing style awnings made by several different companies such as Bundutec, Eezi-Awn and Rhino Rack. We have a few questions.
1. Mounting to a pop up truck camper.. Rhino Rack seems to be made to mount to a roof rack, not on the wall of a camper. The Bundutec and Eezi-awn seem to have limited mounting options. If we have an awning, I don’t want rain to leak in where the awning is mounted. A lot of the batwing style awnings seem to mount to far away from the camper. The idea with the batwing would be protection on the side of the camper (widest area) but also egress into the camper (from the back side).
Here are a few pictures of the camper. Does anyone have any experience with awnings and truck campers?A6E928D1-B508-4C85-925D-47A1D31D40ED.jpgIMG_4655.JPG89AD24FD-B936-4F23-8523-B1DB7E243379.jpg

Ideally, we would like the awning to mount below the pop-up and swing around to the backside of the camper.

Does anyone have any ideas?


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Typically the awnings mount to a bar. The mounting brackets for the awnings are made for whatever diameter bar you have. If I were in your situation I would look at doing something like this. Go to a local welding shop. Ask them about measuring from your front stabilizer (not exactly what its called that the camper sits on) to the back then have them measure how high it is from the stabilizer to where the popup starts. Ask them a price to fabricate you a bar that has 2 3/4-1" square posts on it that will come down and attach via clamp or something to your stabilizer bars. Get some clamps and mount it on. It's not a perfect idea but it should be steady enough to travel down the road and be the right height to give you coverage in the areas you want.