US Northwest ARB Bumpers

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Hey all I ran across an auto wrecker on offerup that has a bunch of ARB bumpers. The wrecker is Binford Auto Wrecking located in Kent, Washington. He says he has JK, Tacoma, FJ, Tundra and Land Rover bumpers. I was checking to see if they had a 4th gen 4Runner but he said all he had was newer ones. In the pictures I see 2012 Tacoma and FJ bumpers. Hopefully he's selling for the price posted which is $200 but they don't come with mounting brackets which can probably be made at a fabrication shop.

Arb bumpers for Sale in Kent, WA - OfferUp


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With the USA. Distribution office In Washington State, I would call and see if you can order the mounting hardware from ARB. That $200. Price over $900. would sure be nice! I still have all the box and Hardware for an ARB front Bull Bar deluxe bumper, for my Jeep Cherokee, and can let you know what is needed from my kit, if you get the used bumper and cannot get the proper hardware kit from ARB. Vance.
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