ANZA-BORREGO with the new trailer!

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Spent 4 days in Borrego with the new Turtleback Expedition trailer... Learned a lot, experienced some new and had an amazing time out there with some friends.

Wished I had gone out a week earlier to experience the Super bloom, and avoid the insane wind! Although the 23Zero trailer top tent did amazing and no issues. It was my first trip where I really focused on minimizing what I packed and it worked! Thought for sure I would miss something, and I didn't! Although there were little things I realized would have made camping in the trailer a little easier like a small step stool (top of the tent stuff), some LED lights for the bat wing to hang out and play some cards at night, etc.

Preparing food out of the kitchen in the trailer was so much more fun than the old set up I used to have. The set up is was well thought out and built for purpose.

The statues were really cool and fun to visit, wish they hid some where you really have to get back and find them! That would be fun!

Next trip is a bit easier but should be a blast! Expo West! It's in my home state so short commute and familiar territory. Hope to meet some of you out there!


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Thanks, the Jeep is running 37x12.5x17, it's the Icon stage 8 2.5" suspension set up. The graphics were done by the place that built the Jeep for me, SDHQ here in AZ.
I ordered a roof rack from SDHQ, they gave me a better military discount then the rack
manufacturer and they had great customer service. Highly recommend them.
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