Anderson Powerpole 350 amp connectors ?'s

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OK I got the Anderson Powerpole 350 amp connectors so I'm able to disconnect my winch

the smittybilt 12K Comp winch is supplied with 4ga cables

I want a nice mechanical connection instead of just soldering these together

interstate battery quoted me @$2.50 crimp which i thought was great

& now as I decide where to cut my cables for these quick disconnect adapters I notice this headache

the problem is that the powerpoles are 3/4" inside diameter & the 4ga cables are only 3/8"

I'm not sure they can crimp that much of a difference

what would you do?


I hate to sound like a raving lunatic
I called powerwerx because their rep sheryl had me email in the pics of the sb350 connectors to verify [that I had the wrong ones] after calling and inquiring about the connector sizes

during our conversation I ask if I can return them, which is basically a jovial "NO"

so then I start to explain that I did not totally order the wrong parts all by myself

when I called in the phone rep insisted that the "4O" were for 4 gauge wires, its for 4 ought wire she insists which maybe correct

she insists that the 4 gauge connectors are only available in the 175 amp set(s)

I question that I need 300amp & she's dazed it seems, not sure she understand amperage

Now I can tell during our conversation that I'm getting no where & she insists that I need to use the email system to find my help

so I call back & once again, & I get sheryl who this time laughs at me

I hung up & filed their email contact form, [which she will probably delete], which she did when she emailed me immediately back saying the ticket was now closed

never again will I deal with them

smittybilt insists that winch can draw up to 400 amps max, they sell a kit but its for adding a winch to the rear & its $169

looks like my winch will be hard wired directly to the battery


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Heck I would just solder the cables in the larger connector and call it good. By soldering it you wont have it come loose over time. I might even bare enough cable to double the wire in the connector. I am going to do the same thing you have but...... I will have another Anderson connector so I can cut my jumper cables and add the Anderson connector to one end and have a fail proof jumper cables. Just a thought


I'm thinking about finding a reducer... they sell them on their site, but tech support claims they wont work with the fourO connectors

at this point I'll just leave it hard wired & then later figure it out


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What I have done before is to cut off extra insulation and fold over the copper wire till it fits snug in the socket. Then I use a terminal lug press and hammer to set it.



12210 said:
What I have done before is to cut off extra insulation and fold over the copper wire till it fits snug in the socket. Then I use a terminal lug press and hammer to set it. Press
I might do that, but since I dont have a press I'll solder it


I install winches and huge power inverters all the time, we use 1 gauge welding wire. we solder and crimp all leads on the cables. in this case overkill is a good thing
Exactly, however I never used them & wired the winch directly to the battery