2WD vs 4WD

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Make a mistake up here. Go ahead. It's just a simple dirt road. It's just a little packed down hunting trail. Road is only under 12" of river. Beginner overlanding.

One measly soft spot, and 2wd is useless. Two measly soft spots, and 4wd is as stuck as can be. 4wd with lockers, but oops, the front axle actually got put off the end of the road into a snow hidden ditch, and the rear tires are on packed icy snow..........yeah you ain't going nowhere.

Or just plain slide off the road into the ditch. Get the winch out, no big deal. Oops, no trees. Bury a tire as a winching point. Oops again, the earth is frozen solid, or dry and hard as concrete.

4wd, lockers f&r, MT's, and tire chains or Truck Clawz, are all I'll overland or camp with. Never again will I bother with less.
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Well, a rear locker is nice, but I know an easiest an much weirder solution, that has been used for some VW Beetle based bajas and similars here in Brazil: Independent parking break. Yeah. Pull the lever and stop that wheel from spinning till it hits the ground again. Absurdly easy to adapt to most RWD vehicles and really comes in hand. Also useful for parallel parking, hahahah

The yellow knobs are for the each rear wheel, and the regular handbreak lever pulls both at the same time.
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Yes all of my RWD import rally monsters have had turning brakes, a bit harder to make that work on FWD so I just use Helical LSD and lots of wheel travel on the FWD Import rally Monsters.