2018 Overland Bound Meet - Black Hills 3-Days of riding - 06/08/2018

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Do you have a sense of adventure?

We''ll depart from Huron, SD at 0900 Friday 08JUN and will camp at http://www.custermountain.com/ visit their site or call 800-239-5505 to reserve your spot ASAP. Name of group: 2018 Overland Bound - Black Hills

Returning Monday 11JUN through the Badlands.

All you need is a 4X4 SUB / truck, UTV or ATV, camper or tents. We'll explore logging roads and trails in Custer, Pringle, Hot Springs and Badlands. Go to: https://www.fs.usda.gov/detail/blackhills/maps-pubs/?cid=FSEPRD533421 and download 2018 Hell Canyon

Deadline to sign up is 14MAY. For more information call / text 605-350-2919 or email mgonzalez17@liberty.edu


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igloo cave 2.jpg igloo cave 4.jpg I was in the Custer Limestone Road area last week. It is beautiful there. Traveled around Limestone/Medicine Mt. Road - FS 284. Some great trails all over the place. It would be fun to come in from Ditch Creek and that area north of there. Found Igloo Cave opening and I know Ice cave was close by. Ice Cave is off 289. The gate is across the opening to protect bats from white spore disease. Somebody recently pushed some logs into the entrance but you can get down to it. Really nice and cool on a hot day!