2002 Mercedes ML270CDI from

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Melbourne VIC, Australia
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So the reason I bought this car was that our family car was getting too dirty for my liking after trips to the beach with the dog and such. Cleaning sand and mud out of the carpets of the family bmw 5 series is not what I wanted to be doing. I could see the car basically getting ruined if we kept doing this with it.

So! The decision was made to buy a second car that we could basically not care about. We could drive it up tracks to get to paces to walk the dog, could haul stuff, tow a trailer, basically do anything that we expected to be hard on the car or get it dirty with.

I considered a few things and eventually landed on this as it was cheap, seemingly reliable and economical whilst still being nice enough to drive and look at considering what we paid for it.

It is a 2002 ML270CDI 5cyl turbo diesel. One owner from new and at the time had 174,000 kms on the clock. Not bad for it’s age.

It had a few things that wanted looking at straight away mechanically and a few cosmetic issues too.

Once these were dealt with I started wondering about what it would do if I put a set of muddies on it.

After being very impressed with it I started using it for camping and 4x4 trips. I cracked the torsion bar up and fitted a few essentials (recovery boards, recovery gear and a radio)

Next on the list is a 2 inch lift as I feel like ground clearance is it’s biggest issue.