1999 WJ Grand Cherokee Adventure Rig

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Oh yea. Plan is get her back to basic then upgrade the snot out of her. Replaced the drivers seat that had a busted seat bracket yesterday. Waiting on an oil pressure sending unit then doing a full fluid change. Also buying the steel to extend my rack and get my awning mounts welded on.
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Well looks like a buddy's nephew who is taking welding in school is going to weld my rack extension up this weekend. Which means I can get it painted, put together and get my ARB awning finally mounted. While I am out there I may work on finally installing my CB as well. Where are you WJ mounting your CB's? I have a full size my trucker buddy gave me to put in.

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Looks like my CB antenna is going to have to mounted to the side instead of to the back. Not sure it will actually fit right in the back because of its shape check it out CB antenna. Only difference is mine has flat coils instead of round wire coils.

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Right. Seems like everything is catching me with no forward movement lol getting it back to stock is getting harder lol but I'm going to replace the ac condenser too since I'm gonna have it apart hopefully that fixes my AC problems
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Regarding that radiator. I replaced a leaking stock one with another plastic-aluminum radiator. Six months later was bleeding pressure and having overheating issues due to bad seal between plastic tank and aluminum rows. I replaced with a 2 row ALL-aluminum radiator off ebay for $325. Cooling issues are fixed.

I started off my 99 WJ with the 2.5" coil lift route on stock control arms and added a JKS adjustable trackbar. Even with Bilsteins the ride was harsh on short arms but I was running 31.5s on JK rims without problems. A year later I popped for Clayton Long Arms and 4.5" lift and 32s. Much improved ride and much improved wheeling. Extra flex allows me to follow lifted Wranglers on 35s without issues. If you can wait the long arm is worth it but is very expensive.

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Sweet rig. I am going to be ordering a Spectra Premium radiator and condenser which I have read are really good parts. As for lifting it, yeaI am waiting and going to get a hybrid IRO lift with Clayton springs.